Top 10 Secret and Popular Beach in Bali Part 2

Have you planned your next trip to Bali? If yes you are what kind of tourist attractions you want to visit? Well, Bali has many tourist attractions you can visit based what kind of attractions you want to visit. If you would like to visit beach in Bali, you should find out the popular beach in Bali you should visit to enjoy your day in the beach. Well, there are thousands of beaches in Bali which you can visit based on what kind of surrounding view in beach you would like to get.

Even if there are thousands of popular beaches you can visit, if you wish to have private beach or even the secret beach with calm water and lack of visitors, you have to know about secret beach around Bali you should not miss. There are some of top 10 secret and popular beach in Bali part 2 which can give you perfect landscape of sunrise or even sunset or underwater view:

  1. Padang Padang at Uluwatu, Jimbaran. It is very accessible down with the few steps flights and through the limestone crevice beside the bridge. This beach offers you the perfect view with the white sand and there is small sandy are for you to do sunbathing there. You also will see many of local warungs which serve you fresh grilled seafood which catches of the day. It is nice place for you to spend your time in beach.
  2. Sundays Beach at Ungasan, South Bali. It is also known as Finn’s Beach. It is another private beach which can give you hidden treasure which make your visitation in this island will be not disappointed. The only way you can get here by using the funicular ride down for about two minutes between the two cliff walls.
  3. Dream Beach at Nusa Lembongan, Southeast Bali. It is located on the southern Lembongan shores. It offers you the fine white sand behind thorny shrubs and row of palms. You just have to enjoy this beach with the surrounding view of this beach.
  4. Amed at Karangasem, East Bali. If you are staying around this beach, you should not miss the dramatic sunrise sight which can give you another memorable journey. This place is a fishing village which you can see the classic scene of the traditional jukung outriggers in lining the coast.
  5. Perasi Beach or Pantai Pasir Putih at Karangasem, East Bali. It has also another nickname like Hidden Beach, Virgin Beach, or White Sand Beach. You will get the perfect fine white sand in this beach with the blue water and surrounding view of coastline which can give you another hidden treasure in this beach. The access to this beach is not difficult as what the other private beach does, but you still get the perfect view of beach here.

There are some of top 10 secret and popular beach in Bali you should not miss it to enjoy its beautiful of underwater view or surrounding area.